Hungary, August 1993

In August 1993 we finally managed to do our first self made tour: Chicco had already done other organised motorbike tours while for me (Giangi! ;-), this was the first!
We paid our inexperience leaving without good road and tourist maps. We have never took the wrong way, both in Austria and Hungary the roads are well signed, but the fear to being lost was always with us. We have learnt to better prepare the trip at home.
In spit of that we have nice memoirs, included some epic moments: like the two hours spent queuing at the Hungary customs, raining, surrounded by noisy (and stinking, they have a two-stroke engine!) Trabant.
Roads were clean and perfect. The only exception was inside the Nemezti park preserve, very tight and with tree roots on it. But it was worth doing for the landscape we found.
In the whole trip we have eaten very well without spending a lot, of course in Budapest prices are more close to the other tourist European cities.
Is better to not eat in the motorway in Austria, we found only frozen sandwiches to be warmed with microwave... :-(
Travelling on a bike is sometime hard, particularly when it rains with the tension to not fall and the fact that you'll probably be completely wet, but nothing is better from the freedom a motorbike gives you. To the friends who tell us " are crazy..." I usually reply "travelling by car is like watching a TV, while travelling by bike is like being inside a TV!"...
In the hardest time never forget that the sun will shine again and then the clouds will reflect on the dashboard and you'll feel like being inside the Easy Rider movie! :-)

Wien, the first stop.

Here we understood that is better to be sure that the Hotel has its own park. Our Hotel had an agreement with a public garage but the keeper didn't let us enter. We tried without success to explain him that will had used just one space (that two bikes fit perfectly)...
Luckily the Hotel personnel let us park in front of the entrance. Thanking the usher we did the first change error giving him a very big tip!!
But the day after we found the bike's windscreens and lights cleaned up from all the flies on them! :-)
Wien is really nice, but be careful to not walk in the cycle track...


In Budapest we have spent three days between the old city, Buda, and the new one, Pest.
In Buda it's worth starting from the Citadella and up to the castle and the Mŕthyŕs Templon.
Above the castle, called Vŕregy, there are a lot of galleries and tunnels that were used as home by the poor.
Crossed the Duna you're in Pest, the modern and US-like side of the city.
A must-see are the Kirŕli thermal baths and the Hero's Place Hosok Tere.
The streets are chaotic, better to use the tram.
For dinner we suggest the "Bagolyvar" restaurant (near the zoo), in 1993 a complete meal was just 600 fiorini: 10.000 Italian lire.

Miskolc, the third stop.

From Budapest we went to Miskolc, passing the tallest mountain in Hungary: 1014m. For us just a hill, for them a ski station.
Miskolc was just an intermediate step to rest. The town was created around the steelworks, with sleeping areas and big barracks in 60th style.
In front of the only hotel there was the pizzeria "Bigaton pizza" where we had quite a good dinner and found a very good Italian espresso coffee!


All the roads are inside vineyards and farms that we suggest to visit for a sample of the famous vine!
Every house has a stork nest on the roof, in the folk-beliefs they are Good Luck for the inhabitants.
Then we went to the Balaton lake, sleeping in Székesfehérvar.

Balaton lake.

It's worth a visit. For us the better side was the North-West as the other was really tourist: big beach, hotel, camping, hotel, big beach...
We stop sleeping in a small family house in Kezsthely. Here there are the Royal Palace with over 100 rooms and the castle.
The day after we have followed the road in the North-West mountains, via Veszprém and Tapolca.
At the Balaton lake, eating fish, we spent for the first time over 10.000 Italian lire each for dinner!

Graz, the last town.

For the whole journey we had a nasty and thin rain. It was like it wasn't raining but we got wet soon.
In the morning we walked in the city centre, nice but nothing special, while in the afternoon, really tired, we watched the TV in the hotel...
For dinner we understood that the good days were gone: we eat a few and paid as two meals in Hungary...